Christmas Gifts

Would you like to reconnect with your friends and family this Christmas over a cup of delicious organic coffee?  Why not to order your coffee as a Christmas gift?  The beauty of a coffee gift is that it can be equally shared and enjoyed whether you are celebrating your Christmas together or being miles apart.

Want to get some coffee for your friends or family, but not quite sure what to choose for them?  Not a problem, buy one of our Beanberry Coffee Gift Cards, send it to them by email and let them choose exactly what they want.

If you have ordered your coffee from us before, you know that we like taking things a little personal.  We take orders online and roast in small batches, crafting every bag of coffee to order with the roasting date and the name of the recipient always printed on the back label.

Now, this Christmas season, for all orders placed between 1 December 2013 and 18 December 2013, every bag of coffee roasted for our online customers will have a printed line on the back label, saying "With best Christmas wishes from... , roasted for ..." with sender's and recipient's names inserted.  

If the names on the the shipping and billing addresses are the same, the message will simply read "With best Christmas wishes, roasted for...".

All you need to do, is place an order and specify the name and the address of the recipient in the shipping details.  We shall take care of the rest.

If you buy one of our gift cards, it will be delivered to you by email, containing all the instructions on how to redeem it at our online store.  Just forward this email to the recipient of your Christmas gift and you are done!

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