Who We Are

To us, coffee roasting is a form of art.  We source and roast some of the finest speciality grade organic Arabica green coffees.  In every coffee that we source, we seek to uncover and underline its unique character and taste.  The green beans are taken through a process in a traditional small batch drum roaster where in the hands of the roast master they evolve from green to roasted with all the craftsmanship, science and art required to get the aromas, the flavours and the structure of the coffee joining together in the cooling tray some fifteen minutes or so into the roast.

We are great fans of organic coffee.  Non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically treated agricultural commodities.  When grown organically, coffee is nurtured without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides -- this, we believe, provides great health benefits to the consumer and grower alike.  Coffee's natural habitat is at high elevations, usually in the shade of the trees with the growth and the health of the coffee plants achieved in complete harmony with nature where higher growing trees provide perfect shelter for migrating birds and natural defense against erosion of fertile soil.  This is the only way organic coffee will grow and growing coffee organically is not just environmentally sustainable, but it is also economically viable for smallholder growers and their communities.     

In coffee, freshness is paramount.  If properly stored, coffee retains its quality at its absolute best for about two weeks after roasting.  By the end of week four, the taste will have faded slightly, but beyond this point the deterioration in the taste accelerates, which is why we do not recommend storing coffee for any longer after that.

To ensure this freshness, we roast on demand, in small batches and upon receipt of our customers’ orders.  All roasted coffee is bagged for freshness immediately after roasting.  The bags are stamped with a roasting date and the orders are despatched as soon as possible.  We are striving to despatch all the orders within 48 hours of receiving them (usual exclusions for bank holidays and weekends apply). 

Our roasting facilities are located in Woking, Surrey, and visits can be arranged by appointment. 

If you would like to get in touch, email us at customerservice@beanberrycoffee.com.