November News

Welcome to November.  Time flows, seasons change and so do coffees in our seasonal collection.  As a coffee lover, we are certain, you know how important it is for your coffee to be fresh.  As your roasters, we take this very issue of freshness one step further and make sure that our green coffees always run out before their time is up.

As Autumn fully sets in, we are beginning to look forward to the arrival of new season Brazils and Perus.  We have been out of one of our customers' favourites, Nossa Senhora de Fatima from Cerrado, Brazil for a while now, but its place on the darker side of the roasting spectrum has been given to Kaffa Forest Estate from Limu, Ethiopia.  Just like Nossa Senhora, Kaffa Forest stands to the roast incredibly well, allowing us to develop its delicious chocolate body while preserving its wonderful high notes of apricots and wild forest berries that are normally found in its lighter roasted high grown Ethiopian brethren.

As the seasons roll, we have started receiving new coffees from South East Asia and the Pacific region.  We have recently introduced our new find from Papua New Guinea, Purosa.  This coffee is grown by some 2,600 smallholder producers from Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative in the Purosa region of Eastern Highlands in the country.  Developed to a solid medium roast, Purosa opens up as a wonderful combination of tropical fruit and oriental spices residing on a full body of its bakers chocolate base.

For those of you who prefer a more delicate roast, we have just introduced Ethiopian Sidamo Kilenso Mokonisa that is replacing our customers' old favourite Yirgacheffe Negele Gurbitu (we roasted the last batch a few days ago).  With its clean and sweet notes combining milk chocolate and subtle floral notes it is a classical Sidamo taste profile that is easy on the palate any time of the day.

Javascript, our seasonal espresso blend, and 8AM Blues, its filter counterpart, have also changed to reflect the autumnal shifts in our portfolio.  Currently, both blends sport the same coffees in their compositions: Guatemalan Finca San Antonio, Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate and Papua New Guinean Purosa.  Needless to say, different proportional and roasting recipes make for two distinctly different tastes with the espresso blend being solidly anchored to its soft and chocolatey Guatemalan base, while 8AM Blues giving more weight to the lively fruity notes of its Ethiopian and Papua New Guinean constituents.

This is all the news for now, but as Christmas is approaching, we are working hard on a few exciting additions to our coffee offering, so keep an eye on this space.  In any event, you will hear from us soon, in the mean time, we hope that you are keeping well and staying adequately caffeinated using only the purest and the most delicious beans.


With best wishes,

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