Wildcat Espresso - Organic

Fruity chocolate with stonefruit and kumquat with notes of almonds and orange blossom.

Origin: Guatemala Finca San Antonio; Guatemala Maria Ramos; Ethiopia Duromina.
Process: Washed.
Elelvations: 1300-2000 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Various Arabica cultivars.
Best as: Espresso.
We craft Wildcat Espresso with a straight espresso drinker in mind.  Usually comprised of two to three different origins, this blend seeks to develop each of the components' to its full potential with subsequent blending seeking to create a unique flavour profile that is bright and fruity.

This coffee is certified Organic.

Standard bag size is 250 g net.  500 g and 1000 g options are available as whole beans only.

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