Mexico Las Chicharras - Mountain Water Decaf

Medium body, flavours of prune, caramel and citrus.

Origin: Finca Las Chicharras, Chiapas, Mexico.
Process: Washed, Mountain Water Decaf.
Elelvations: 1250-1470 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Various Arabica cultivars.
Best as: Espresso, Filter.

Las Chicharras farm lies in the highlands of Chiapas in suthern Mexico not far from the Guatemalan border in the municipality of Angel Albino Corzo.  The farm was acquired by the private Chicharras group in 2004 when its production stood at 185 bags of coffee only.  After 10 years of hard work, annual production nearly reaches 1300 bags of coffee.

The coffee trees in this region are grown in clay soil and they flower from March to June.  25% of the coffee is grown under the shade of native Ingas trees.

There are 6 permanent and 50 seasonal employees at the farm. 

About Mountain Water Process Decaffeination:

Mountain Water Decaf is a non-chemical process of decaffeinating coffee beans.  The green coffee beans are soaked in large vats of water during which the caffeine and flavours release from the beans.  The caffeinated, coffee flavoured water solution is then run through a special filter that pulls the caffeine from the water.  Once the process is finished, the caffeine-free, flavour charged water is reintroduced to the beans, restoring any flavour lost in the initial phase.  The Mountain Water Process Decaffeination facilities are based in Mexico and use the water from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in Mexico.

Standard bag size 500 g and and it is available as whole beans only.