Javascript Espresso - Organic

Intense chocolate, molasses, raisins and stone fruit with a lingering sweet aftertaste.


Peru Cajamarca Huabal - San Antonio Lot;

Ethiopia Jimma Mustefa Abakeno Farm and Nano Challa Cooperative;

Ethiopia Guji Daannisa Cooperative.

Process: Washed and natural.
Elelvations: 1500-1900 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Various Arabica cultivars.
Best as: Espresso.
Javascript is our seasonal espresso blend.  Roasted to take full advantage of high pressure and pace brewing style of increasingly omnipresent espresso machines, this coffee is crafted to shine as espresso.  With seasonally changing components, this blend is a journey through continents and time, with ever changing nuances of flavour but ever present spirit that is all about sweetness, body, balance and lingering aftertaste. 

This coffee is certified Organic.


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