Rwanda Huye Mountain - CO2 Decaf - 500 g

In the cup, expect milk chocolate, almonds, dragon fruit and blueberry with a long sweet finish.

Process: Washed, Sparking Water Decaf.
Varietal: Bourbon.
Elevation: 1600-2300 metres above sea level.
Origin: Huye Mountain Washing Station, Huye District, Rwanda.
Best as: Espresso, Filter.
Located on the slopes of Huye Mountain in Southern Rwanda, this private washing station is owned by David Rubanzangabo.  Huye receives cherry deliveries from around 1330 small producers during harvest season.
David strives to encourage consistency and quality of his production.  David awards members whose coffees carry the highest cupping scores with the price of a cow (40 members each won one) or a goat (60 winners last year).
The processing is based on washing the coffee with a setup that is typical throughout East Africa. The freshly delivered coffee is inspected to ensure only good red and ripe cherries are included. Then it is put into a receiving tank where inferior floaters are removed. The denser, high quality cherries are then pulped in a disk pulper before entering a concrete fermentation tank where they are held for 12-15 hours.  It is a dry fermentation process where extra water is not added. After the mucilage is loose enough to be washed away the tank is filled with water and the coffee turned with large wooden paddle before being drained. This process is repeated a further 4 times to ensure the coffee is clean before being channeled through water and is then transported to raised beds for drying. Coffee is dried in the sunshine at which stage the beans are diligently sorted by hand to remove defects.  The drying process takes between 15 to 20 days, during which the beans are turned regularly.
David's drive for quality, confirmed by Huye's success in the Cup of Excellence in 2012 and 2013, has brought about a big increase in price for local farmers.