Peru Olga Calle - Organic

Juicy, floral and sweet with notes of tropical fruit, cherry and toffee. 

Process: Washed.
Elevations: 1750 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon.
Origin: Olga Calle, Finca El Romerillo, Cajanarca, Guatemala.
Best as: Filter.

We are incredibly delighted to be offering this delicious microlot from the Cajamarca region in Northern Peru.

Olga Calle is a very passionate producer, who is totally dedicated to coffee production and her family.  On her 2 hectares of land, that is Finca El Romerillo, Olga grows Caturra and Bourbon Arabica varieties only.  She picks only the ripest of cherries, depulps them and ferments coffee for 26 hours and then puts it out to dry for 20-30 days. 

This coffee is certified Organic.

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