Honduras Iris Maricela Aguilar - Natural Process Microlot - Organic

Juicy, notes of pineapple, cantelope, mango and papaya

Origin: Iris Maricela Aguilar, Finca Buenos Aries, Ocotepeque, Honduras.
Process: Natural.
Elelvation: 1655 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Pacas, Catuai.

We have acquired this entire microlot of 345 kg of green coffee that was very specially prepared by Iris Maricela using natural preparation method at her tiny Finca Buenos Aries of 2.8 ha in Ocotepeque province of Honduras, right next to the Guatemalan border.  All the coffee that Maricela grows is shade grown, planted in the canopy of orange, banana and pine trees.

Finca Buenos Aries was established in 1997.  Maricela has helped out the family farm since age 11 and has recently taken the lead in the production and commercialisation of sustainable, certified organic coffee.

Maricela was born in the mountain village of Rio Chiquito, but went to live with her grandmother at age 6 to attend primary school in the largest nearby town - La Labour.  She subsequently made a decision to continue her education in Ocotepeque and later Santa Rosa de Copan, where she graduated University with a degree in Business Administration.  After University, she moved back home to help on the farm, where she eventually took control of coffee production.

Natural processing method has just started taking root amongst the speciality coffee producers in Honduars. Unlike in the most commonly used washed coffee processing method, the coffee beans are dried in the fruit of the coffee tree.  As a result, the sugars from the coffee cherry fruit migrate to the coffee bean, creating an unparalleled sweetness and fruitiness, giving this coffee its unique character and taste. 

This coffee is certified Organic.


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