Brazil Fazenda Santa Maria

In the cup, expect coating and creamy mouthfeel with mild acidity, hint of of walnuts and raisins and a chocolatey finish.

Process: Natural.
Varietal: Mundo Novo.
Elevation: 1050 metres above sea level.
Origin: Fazena Santa Maria, Mogiana region, Brazil.
Certifications: Organic.
Best as: Filter.
Fazenda Santa Maria, located near Espirito Santo do Pinhal, a town in Mogiana region of Brazil, was founded more than 50 years ago by the Filho family, who arrived from Italy looking for economic opportunities and seeing a better future in Brazil.  More than 170 hectares of the farm's total area of 360 hectares is dedicated to coffee.  This fertile mountain terrain is perfect for the Arabica cultivars cultivated free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the farm.

All the cherries are handpicked and dried on a 37,000 square feet patio.  When necessary, druing is completed in rotating mechanical dryers to guarantee drying uniformity.  All processing is natural or pulped natural and performed on the estate.

The owners of the farm are committed to sustainability and high social and environmental standards.  All coffees are grown and processed in accordance with strict organic and biodynamic standards, such as soil detoxification, no usage of agrochemicals, manual weed control and the preservation of native species. They also have demonstrated a strong commitment to social projects that enhance the living standards of workers.

This coffee is certified Organic.