Ethiopia Amaro Gayo

In the cup, expect blueberry flavours with notes of citrus and a chocolate finish

Origin: Amaro Gayo Mill, Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Elelvations: 1100
Varietal: Amaro mixed heirloom

Amaro Gayo is a washing station and a mill situated in the Amaro Mountains, a small range separating the communities of Amaro on the eastern slopes from Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal areas of Arba Minch in southwest Ethiopian region of Sidama.  

Owned by the only known woman coffee entrepreneur in Ethiopia, Asnakech Thomas, the mill, where local growers bring their freshly picked ripe cherries for processing, has an enviable reputation for quality.  Asnakech is said to be very strict in selecting which coffees will be processed at her mill, choosing only ripe and ready cherries.

Drying, being one of the most critical steps in natural coffee processing, is done on raised African beds, where the coffee is kept clean and free of soil, while being aerated from top and bottom, resulting in a much cleaner tasting coffee than that normally available from other producers of natural process coffees in the area.

This coffee is certified Organic.

Standard bag size is 250 g net.