Peru Frontera - Swiss Water Decaf - Organic - 500g

This coffee comes from San Ignacio Province that sits atop of the Cajamarca region in Northern Peru where the Rio Canchis splits the country from Ecuador.  Here the western and eastern mountain ranges of the Andes meet to form microclimates in the buttresses and valleys that descend from the mountains to the Amazon basin.

The farms are located in the buffer zones of a protected natural area where spectacled bears, cock-of-the-rocks, jaguars and peccaries are often seen in the woods.  Organic approach to coffee farming in the area is an important part of the strategy to protect wildlife and endangered species.

Coffee here is usually fermented in wooden tanks built from fallen Romerillo trees. The natural wood is better at dispersing the heat generated through coffee fermentation that it would be the case with a common concrete fermentation tank. Coffee is processed fully washed and the parchment is delivered into the warehouses of the Cooperative Agraria Frontera in San Ignacio town.  

 This coffee is certified Organic.


 Swiss Water Decaf Process:

Swiss Water process is the purest (it is a 100% chemical-free process) of all the decaffeination methods and, as such, is a decaffeination method of choice for organic processors.

The Swiss Water process was originally developed in Switzerland in 1930s and is now used commercially by The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Inc. of Canada, the leader in the science of decaffeination.

Green coffee beans can be immersed in water to extract their caffeine, but this will also extract desirable oils and other solids from the bean resulting in less flavourful brewed coffee.  The Swiss Water process addresses this problem by using green coffee extract (water saturated with these desirable coffee components) rather than regular water, thus significantly reducing the extraction of valuable oils and solids during the decaffeination process.  The process takes 8 to 10 hours and removes up to 99.9% caffeine by mass.

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