Honduras Joman Walter Lara - Organic

Juicy, notes of pineapple, redcurrant, lychee and rose with a lingering sweet finish. 

Origin: Joman Walter Lara, Gualme Corquin Copan, Honduras.
Process: Natural.
Elelvation: 1350 metres above sea level.
Varietal: Yellow Catuai.

Honduras has been one of the smaller coffee producing nations historically, but it has seen a huge increase in production over the last twenty years, culminating with becoming the largest producing nation in Central America in 2011.  Although dominated by "value coffees" that do not trade much higher that the market price, Honduras has a an array of microclimates, which give a diverse range of cup profiles.  Honduras has a history of organic production, which is true to terroir and is more sustainable.  There are plenty of pure Arabica varietals grown; and, most pertinently of all, Honduras has a great number of smallholder producers who can really benefit from the price premiums that speciality organic coffee brings.

It is for these reasons that our good friends and partners from Falcon Specialty decided to focus their attention on grassroots development in Honduras.  The journey started with an introduction to Falcon, and subsequently to us, of Altos de Erapuca, a coffee farm based in the Copan region.  It was through the owner of Altos de Erapuca how Falcon eventually met with Aruco, a small cooperative named after the river that runs through the town of Corquin, where the coop is based.

Aruco was formed in 2010 by a number of producers who were dissatisfied with an old system of limited support and representation, who wanted to market their coffee more directly, in an attempt to cut out middle men and to increase the revenue flow back down the supply chain to producers.

For a number of years, Aruco has been trying to produce and sell microlots.  Since few producers had access to international markets, Aruco had to sell these lots to a local exporter, who blended them by cup score for the international market, and provided little or no traceability and transparency to producer level.  It was in 2016, when Donaldo - Aruco's senior manager - started seeking direct relationships with international buyers.  This subsequently led to an emergence of a number of smallholder growers, who, with assistance from Falcon and Aruco, have focused on the refinement, coplexity and consitency of their small lots of natural processed coffees.

This particular coffee has been produced by Joman Walter Lara as part of the Falcon Specialty Aruco Microlot Prorgam in Honduras. 

Being quite young, Joman Walter Lara is an experienced coffee producer, who, having the full support and encouragement of his father, Don Oliverio,  has been involved in coffee production through his entire life.  Joman is meticulous in his approach to nurturing, harvesting and processing his coffee. For Joman, being involved in speciality coffee is a wonderful  experience that gives him great pride in what he does and provides a unique opportunity to meet people form around the world who are as passionate as he is about great coffee and who, over the years, have put Honduras on the speciality coffee map of the world.

This coffee is certified Organic.


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