Ethiopia Mustefa Abakeno Espresso - Organic

Roasted specifically for espresso preparation method, this coffee is full of bergamot and juicy lime flavours, complemented with notes of forest berries and honey, enveloped in dark chocolate tones. 

Process: Washed.
Elevations: 1910 metres above sea level.
Varietal: Heirloom
Origin: Agaro, Jimma, Western Ethiopia
Best as: Espresso.

Biftu Gudina cooperative was established in 2012 with the sole objective of bringing some of the best coffee that Jimma zone of Ethiopia can produce to the Western market and helping the smallholder farmers, who form the cooperative, get the best return on their investment into making their coffee delicious.  The project was supported by Technoserve, an NGO that helps farmers to build new washing stations and set-up new cooperative structures.

At the washing station, cherries are sorted by hand before being depulped  with the Pengaos eco-pulper.  Afterwards, the beans are soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for eight hours.  Subsequently, the beans are sundried for ten to fourteen days on raised African beds and hand sorted again.

This coffee is certified Organic.

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