Colombia Piendamo - Organic

Fruity chocolate with notes of raspberry, peach and juicy body.

Process: Washed.
Elelvations: 1650-1900 metres above sea level.
Varietals: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra.
Origin: COMEPCAFE, Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia.
Best as: Filter.

This coffee is produced by multiple small holder farms from the north of Cauca province of Colombia. 

Many of the people in this region are indigenous from the Nasa, Misak and Totoroes groups that are native to this part of Colombia.  These producers are part of the COMEPCAFE cooperative based in Piendamo.  Established in 2010, the cooperative has 1400 families spread across 7 areas of Cauca. The areas are still very much affected by the civil strife involving FARC and illicit drug trade, making like very difficult for producers.  The cooperative support its members with technical assistance as well as with commercialisation of the coffees, food security and pension programmes.   

This coffee is certified Organic.

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