Coffee Tools

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee should not be difficult.  Simple tools will go a long way to address your needs.  Here we assembled some of the key essentials for your coffee brewing kit as well as one or two of less essential, but amazing gadgets that you may fall in love with in your pursuit of that perfect cup.


November News

November 03, 2014

Welcome to November.  Time flows, seasons change and so do coffees in our seasonal collection.  As a coffee lover, we are certain, you know how important it is for your coffee to be fresh.  As your roasters, we take this very issue of freshness one step further and make sure that our green coffees always run out before their time is up. As Autumn fully sets in, we are beginning to look forward to the arrival of new season Brazils and Perus.  We have been out of one of our customers' favourites, Nossa Senhora de Fatima from Cerrado, Brazil for a while now, but its place on the darker side of the roasting spectrum has been given to Kaffa Forest... Continue Reading →

Coffee and Lyrics

September 06, 2014

Dangle legs over bed,      find floor, find door,      round the corner, down the stairs, coffee beckons in my head ... grinder on, beans done.   Pot next, hot water flows, Yirgacheffe aroma grows.   Favourite mug, like a hug, warm embrace of coffee love,      trickles down in my tum,      cherry notes and chocolate rum!      Cheer up girl, time to whirl! Yirgacheffe, a good job done!   Thank you Stephanie G for this review of Yirgacheffe - Negele Gurbitu. Love it! Continue Reading →

Summer of 2014 Update

August 05, 2014

It is hard to believe it, but it has been almost a year since our last post. Well, we will not be announcing any Great Tastes awards this year as we have managed to miss this year's application deadline back in spring.  It is a bit of a nuisance, as  we were very keen to get our lovely organics tried out by the Great Taste judges, but, we (and actually it was just me alone at the time) were in the middle of upgrading our roasting capacity and at the same time scrambling to keep up with the ever increasing order volume on our old tiny 2.5 kg roaster.  However sad it is to be left out of competition, it... Continue Reading →

Beanberry Coffee in 2013 Great Taste Awards

August 08, 2013

The 2013 Great Taste results are out and Beanberry's organic Kaffa Forest and Yirgacheffe wow judges earning 2-star and 1-star awards respectively! Not a bad result, considering this was our first entry ever.  We are particularly happy with the 2-star rating achieved by our Kaffa Forest, which puts this coffee in the group of 13 best scoring coffees in its category in 2013! Continue Reading →